What would you wish for?

Fed up with bad weather, noise and crowds, Lion dreams of sunshine and peace. Spotting an advert for a beach house, he quickly packs his things (including many strawberry smoothies) and sets off to his dream island.

However, he soon realises life in paradise is not perfect and he sends out a message in a bottle...and another...and another... until life on his island changes and he is happy at last!

This is a lovely story. Like many of us, Lion thinks the grass will be greener on his island, but quickly realises that all that beauty, peace and quiet does not compensate for the lack of company. As all the other animals arrive and they begin to make wonderful music together, Lion learns how exciting life can be when you share things with others.

Initially, Lion is simply looking for a friend with similar tastes and habits- someone who plays guitar, someone who likes strawberry smoothies- and he is reluctant to welcome anyone who doesn't fit his ideal- anyone who is different. We see his attitude change and when more strangers arrive with all their differences, he welcomes them with open arms!

Bright, colourful illustrations make this a very appealing book with a lovely message at its heart!

Message in a Bottle by Matt Hunt

Scholastic   ISBN: 978-1407159188