The Snugglewump

The 'Snugglewump' is just a piece of fabric. It's not an antique and doesn't have a parachute. It's not from outer space and it doesn't beep or zoom about. It's not like Molly's other toys; it's just a piece of fabric.

Feeling lonely and forgotten, it snugglewumps out of the cat flap and ends up in the park, all alone. Here it feels like 'an empty waste of space'- 'a scrag of tatty rag that should just be thrown away.'

However, in the morning, Molly comes along and is delighted to find her snugglewump. In her arms, it realises that it is treasured by her after all.

This is a lovely, gentle story about feeling valued and knowing your worth. Other toys Molly owns might appear more attractive (or believe themselves to be so), but the comfort and reassurance the Snugglewump gives her cannot be replaced or undervalued.

Full of fun, colourful illustrations, 'The Snugglewump' is perfect for comforting discussions about how much we are valued and finding our niche in the world.

The Snugglewump by Lou Treleaven, illustrated by Kate Chappell

Maverick Publishing   ISBN: 978-1848862418