Just Like Daddy

Little Raccoon wants to be just like daddy! Brave, daring, smart, strong and good at the voices in stories! But more than this, Daddy Raccoon is not afraid to make mistakes and remembers what it is like to be young and have fun!

This delightful story is a celebration of the relationship between a father and his child. It is a celebration of dads who are 'hands on' and play a major role in their children's lives.

The illustrations are very appealing and full of those little details which children love to spot. I love the fact that 'brave' daddy has one eye shut when dealing with that 'scariest of monsters' - the spider!

The book celebrates creating the 'best memories' of childhood, but also makes it clear that nobody is perfect. Daddy Raccoon says that he will always love his child- no matter what - and is shown making mistakes himself, a very healthy, rounded role model for a child (or cub!).

A sweet story with love illustrations, 'Just Like Daddy' will make a wonderful bedtime story!

Just Like Daddy    Lucy Freegard

Pavilion      ISBN: 978-1843653370