Hay 2017 - day one!

This year, I am only able to visit the Hay Festival for a few days, but this just means I shall appreciate each one even more!

Today, I met up with some of my 'Hay friends' who I see every year. The atmosphere at Hay is so lovely- even when the wind is howling and the rain pouring! It was a mix of sunshine and showers today- but nothing spoils the book-loving Hay mood!

My first event was Alwyn Hamilton and Maria Turtschaninoff, speaking to Daniel Hahn. It was a lively discussion about their books, the worlds they have created and their writing styles.

Having read 'Rebel of the Sands', 'Traitor to the Throne' is high on my to-read list and having heard Maria speak, I really want to read 'Maresi' and its sequel, 'Nanodel' very soon. Each will be reviewed!

After that event, I took the opportunity to catch up with Jon Milton, one of our longlisted authors. 'The Super-Intelligent, High-tech Robot Book' is on our Information List and Jon was in Hay for his 'Super High-Tech Robot Show'. It was lovely to meet him and have a chat.

The 'Rosie Revere' event with Andrea Beaty was great fun- and a complete sell-out! Her wonderful books are so appealing and she captivated her audience!

Later in the afternoon, I met up with Penny from Firefly Press and with Horatio Clare and Jane Matthews, author and illustrator of 'Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot', winner of the Quality Fiction Category of last year's NSTBA. I was delighted to be able to hand their award over to them.

Horatio and Jane were here to talk about the new Aubrey book- 'Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds'- although Horatio seemed to have a very full schedule of events talking about several of his books! I attended their event which was very enjoyable. I will post about this soon!

My final event was Sue Wallman and Bali Rai, talking about their new novels. These are gripping reads for teens and it was fascinating to listen to how they get their ideas and develop them into their books.