Letters from the Lighthouse

How could I not buy a copy of this book when Waterstones in Bath went to all this effort with their display?!

Although London is in the middle of the Blitz, Olive, her bother, Cliff and her older sister, Sukie have gone to the pictures. Whilst there, the sirens sound and in the rush to go to the shelter, Cliff and Olive can't find their sister. Leaving Cliff in safety, Olive goes to find her and catches a fleeting glimpse of her talking to a stranger before a bomb goes off.

When Olive comes to, there is no sign of Sukie. Finding a perculiar coded message in her mother's coat pocket, Olive is convinced that her sister is alive and this is a clue to her disappearance. Evacuated to Devon for their safety, Olive and Cliff find themselves living with the lighthouse keeper. But where is Sukie..?

This is a lovely book which is perfect for Y5/6, but still a great read for older children. It is a great starting point for exploring the Blitz, evacuees and the Kindertransport and offers plenty of opportunities to develop empathy for and understanding of those taken away from their homes.

It is difficult to comment on the story too much without spoiling things for those who haven't read it, but the book is a pacey read, offering mystery and drama, with well developed characters and a satisfying conclusion.

What more could you ask for?! This is one which I will be reading to my class very soon! Love it!

Letters from the Lighthouse   by Emma Carroll

Faber and Faber   ISBN: 978-0571327584