Where's Wally? Celebrating 30 years!

Today, we had great fun, celebrating 30 years of Where's Wally! Over 200 of our children took part in a Where's Wally hunt a lunchtime where the playground was full of children hunting for pictures of Wally and his friends and noting their locations. With the older children helping younger ones, it was so lovely to see them all having a great time.

After school, we had a party full of games, crafting, stories and snacks! We started with that old favourite- Corners- where each corner belonged to Wally or one of his friends. All the children started in the middle and then on the signal, they chose a corner. Everyone in the corner of the character whose picture was chosen was out!

We then headed for the hall where the making began. Children designed (and then wore!) their own 'Wally' T-shirts and masks. They coloured pictures, completed wordsearches- and shared the books. Even the staff joined in!

We finished our session with hot chocolate and biscuits- amazed at how quickly the time had flown by! I can't believe Wally has been in action for 30 years! I'm sure we'll still be celebrating when he reaches 60 years!