The Koala Who Could

Kevin doesn't like change. He's not keen to try anything new- or move much really. He just wants to stay in his tree and makes excuses if anyone asks him to do anything. He is very happy staying firmly in his comfort zone.

There is a tiny part of Kevin that wishes he could join in with the others; however, he stays firmly put in his eucalyptus trees until something happens- that gentle push- that shows him change is not as scary as he thought!

Who hasn't been afraid of taking that first step? Or of confronting that fear? Or of changing their ways? By exploring Kevin's fears, this lovely story allows children to identify with them and perhaps come to understand their own. By developing a 'can-do' attitude, Kevin is soon involved in lots of fun with his friends- a message for all of us perhaps!

The illustrations are absolutely wonderful and complement the bouncy, rhyming text perfectly. Kevin is cuteness personified and has the most amazing range of expressions. Each page is full of humorous details and vibrant scenes of Australia and its fantastic creatures!

With its positive message and adorable characters, 'The Koala Who Could' is every bit as lovely as 'The Lion Inside'. Rachel Bright and Jim Field make a fantastic team and I look forward to seeing what they will delight us with next!

The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright, illustrated by Jim Field

Orchard Books    ISBN: 978-1408331644