LONGLIST REVIEW: A Poem for Every Night of the Year

This beautiful selection of poems really does include something for everyone! Modern and traditional works sit side by side with well- and lesser-known poems being given space. Famous people, special occasions, nature, thoughts, emotions... so many things are celebrated between the covers of this book.

Before each poem is a little explanation for the reader, perhaps explaining terms, who someone is, origins of festivals and so on. This sets the scene perfectly, giving the reader a little background to the work. 

There are so many poems here which could be used in the classroom! As a lovely book to have on the class shelf for children to enjoy or as a resource bank for teachers so they can read the poem of the day (or not!), it is essential, but it also contains many poems which could be used in other ways.

There are poems about historical figures and events which could be used to generate interest or research about a particular subject and poems about religious events or festivals which could be central to work on a particular faith.

There are poems that could be learned by heart and poems for performing. There are poems which could be used to develop empathy and those which make us laugh! All in this one book! 

Poetry is so important as a way of expressing yourself or finding your thoughts or feelings expressed by others that there should always be time for it in the curriculum. 'A Poem for Every Night of the Year' offers a fabulous selection for enjoying again and again!

In her introduction, Allie Esiri says, 'I hope that there is a poem here for everyone- something for every night and every mood and every person, whose lines never leave you but remain inside the private library of your brain...' There certainly is for me!

A Poem for Every Night of the Year  edited by Allie Esiri

Macmillan    ISBN: 978-1509813131