LONGLIST REVIEW: A Rocketful of Space Poems

This is a wonderful collection of twenty-six poems about all things space and space related. Chosen by John Foster (whose work also appears in the collection), there are poems by David Harmer, Paul Cookson, Judith Nicholls and Liz Brownlee amongst others. With an emphasis on fun, there is sure to be something here for everyone!

There are poems that could be used as a starting point for science lessons. John Foster's Space Riddle introduces Pluto's changed status from planet to dwarf planet (or 'large lump of rock'!). The idea of an acrostic to describe a planet could be used as a model for children to describe the other planets- particularly as this one does not use the simplest and most common form with the first letter of each line forming the word. 

'Greasy Peter Pluto's Fast Food Superstore' (Paul Cookson) is full of word play and imagination! Children could have fun creating their own dishes that might be served at this shop; there are plenty of examples of alliteration to enjoy and experiment with. This would also make a great poem to perform in groups or as a class, offering lots of opportunities for changes in pitch and pace. 

Another poem which would be great for performing would be 'The Worst Monsters in the Universe' by David Harmer. It also offers the potential for children to create their own verses by creating their own monsters. 

Each poem is accompanied by Korky Paul's fabulous illustrations. Colourful and quirky, they bring each poem vividly to life! A brilliant combination!

A Rocketful of Space Poems chosen by John Foster, illustrated by Korky Paul

Frances Lincoln Children's Books    ISBN: 978-1847804860