Baxter loves books and is desperate to be in one. However, when he attends the book auditions, Baxter is told he is not suitable- no one knows what he is. What people want are the typical- stereotypical- storybook characters! Baxter tries to be different, but in the end, just wants to be himself...and ends up with his own book after all!

A wonderful story which conveys a strong sense of the importance of being, and staying, true to yourself. Baxter doesn't fit the 'norm' and although he can sing, dance, act and do gymnastics, those auditioning don't want him, leading Baxter to doubt himself and wonder whether he is good enough. Many of us have experienced this feeling and the book offers a great way of discussing this. 

The quirky illustrations are a joy to look at as the reader follows Baxter on his way to achieving his dream. The colours used are soft, allowing Baxter's blue to stand out against the rest. His whole body is used to express his feelings, provoking a very sympathetic response when he is saddened by missing out his dream.

A book about loving books and staying true to who you are- what more could you want?!

Baxter's Book by Hrefna Bragadottir

Nosy Crow     ISBN: 978-0857635228