LONGLIST REVIEW: Can I Join Your Club?

Duck wants to join a club. He tries Lion Club, but he can't roar. He tries Snake Club, but he can't hiss. He tries Elephant Club, but not only does he not have the memory, he can't trumpet. All he can do is quack!

So Duck sets up a club of his own which soon becomes 'OUR CLUB!'- a club where all are welcome!

This is such a wonderful story which celebrates diversity and the importance of being inclusive! As each animal denys Duck's application to join, our feathered hero looks more and more dejected, offering the perfect opportunity for discussing how people feel when we exclude them - for whatever reason. 

All that is needed to be a member of Duck's club is that you want to belong! This makes his club very popular, showing how much more fun things are when you include everyone... because you can never have too many friends.

Not only does the book carry very important messages, it is also great fun to read aloud! There are plenty of opportunities for using various voices for the different animals and making their noises as well as for building Duck's character. You could use the speech bubbles as an introduction to speech punctuation and have great fun choosing speech verbs to match the tone and style of the speech.

The illustrations are wonderful! Bright, colourful and full of character, there are so many details to spot and enjoy. The fun all the animals have together in the end clearly shows all the things that they would have missed out on had they stayed in their cliques!

A wonderful book which could be used with any age group!

Can I Join Your Club?  by John Kelly, ilustrated by Steph Laberis

Little Tiger    ISBN: 978-1848694354