LONGLIST REVIEW: Here Comes Mr Postmouse

The story starts on a Monday morning as Mr Postmouse sets off on his rounds. No delivery is too hard for him as his parcels and letters need to be delivered to all manner of places. It doesn't matter whether the post is smelly, suspicious, large or small, Mr Postmouse will deliver it all!

One of those books you have to read again and again, 'Here Comes Mr Postmouse' is a book full of stories waiting to be told! Wonderful cut-through illustrations allow the reader to see into the homes of the creatures Mr Postmouse delivers to, offering so much to notice, discuss and enjoy. Mr Bear, for example, has a bee hive on his roof which is hooked up to a pipe so Mr Bear can have honey on tap! My knowledge of stars is not brilliant, but I believe he has a picture of Ursula Major (the Great Bear) on his wall! Senor Snake's house continues over several pages as he warms himself under heat lamps and digests a surprising shape of something he has swallowed! There is a gentle humour in the pictures- but they also offer so many possibilities for learning and discovery. 

Not only can the reader find out about the creatures involved, the illustrations offer so much potential for story telling. Any one of the pictures could have stories developed about the family living there- I love Mrs Turtle's mobile home and the Croc's house! The limited text about Mr Postmouse's deliveries allows for the reader to imagine and embellish to their heart's content.

Great fun, beautifully illustrated, 'Here Comes Mr Postmouse' is sure to become a firm favourite!

Here Comes Mr Postmouse   Marianne Dubuc

Book Island      ISBN:978-0994128201