LONGLIST REVIEW: I Don't Like Poetry

When I read a poetry book for the first time, I always pop a ‘Post it’ in the pages of the poems I like. When I had finished Joshua Seigal’s ‘I Don’t Like Poetry’ –my book was more ‘Post it’ than pages! So, contrary to the title, it seems I do like poetry – well –this poetry collection at least!

And what’s not to like! ‘I Don’t Like Poetry’ is packed full of clever, exceedingly usable poems.

There are the learning poems, providing great new ideas on how to teach poetry: poems that beg to be performed –I considered my own rendition of ‘Zombie Poem’ something worthy of Olivier but was overjoyed to be bested by my enthusiastic little library go-ers who really made the role ’their own’: poems to learn off by heart: poems to make you laugh out loud: poems to inspire poems and most wonderfully surprising are the poems to help. ‘Not a care in the world’ reached out and moved me as I recognised my smaller self and many other little people in those words. Seigal’s poetry provides perfect discussion opportunities and, more importantly, a message that you are not alone.

‘I Don’t Like Poetry’ makes poetry relevant and necessary –it is a must for every classroom shelf.

I Don’t Like Poetry   by Joshua Seigal

Bloomsbury    ISBN 978-1472930033