LONGLIST REVIEW: I Don't Want Curly Hair

A little girl with very curly hair tries everything that she can think of to straighten it! When she meets a little girl with long straight hair, she realises that it is important to be yourself!

Brilliantly bouncy rhyming text works in perfect harmony with the fabulous illustrations making this a wonderful read aloud and share story. Although very amusing and witty, the story has a really lovely message about valuing what you look like and playing to your strengths, emphasising the need to accept what makes us individuals and celebrate our differences.

The illustrations are amazing. Big, bold and bright pictures fill each spread, demanding attention. So much personality and emotion is potrayed! Lots of exploration of line, colour and texture could follow looking at these wonderful illustrations as well as work on building character, viewpoint and description in English.

Having read this book to my class (a lively bunch of Y6 children!), I can vouch for its appeal both in terms of illustrations and text! They absolutely loved it, joining in with rhymes and borrowing it constantly from the bookshelf and sharing it with each other. Brilliant fun!

I Don't Want Curly Hair!    Laura Ellen Anderson

Bloomsbury     ISBN: 978-1408868409