LONGLIST REVIEW: The Guggenheim Mystery

Ted Sparks solved The London Eye Mystery and three months on, he's at it again. 

This time, Ted is in New York visiting Aunt Gloria and Salim and whilst he is there, a painting was stolen from the Guggenheim where his aunt works. 

Although Ted does not see the point of paintings-even if they are worth millions- when his Aunt Gloria is blamed for the theft, he realises how serious things are and sets his unique way of thinking to solving the Guggenheim Mystery. 

Robin Stevens has managed to maintain the unique voice of Ted which Siobhan Dowd created in The London Eye Mystery, getting the characterisation spot on. The reader is, once again, charmed by Ted's way of seeing the world, feeling for him as he is pushed outside his comfort zone and takes on new challenges. 

The Guggenheim is vividly brought to life as the children set about solving the mystery of the theft and clearing Aunt Gloria's name, making the story more convincing. The plot is carefully constructed, keeping you guessing at every stage. 

A brilliant story for those looking for something to get their teeth into! 

The Guggenheim Mystery  Robin Stevens and Siobhan Dowd

Puffin   ISBN: 978-0141377025