LONGLIST REVIEW: Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure

The continuing adventures of Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure see our titular hero and his trusty hamster sidekick pitted against the evil Sir Percival Snout. Snout claims that Tuptown, where Pigsticks and Harold live, belongs to him! Not only does Sir Snout claim the town is his but he wants to knock it all down. Pigsticks foolishly says he will buy the town from Sir Snout for “three million” by midday the next day. It is a foolish proposition as Pigsticks hasn’t got any money! Luckily, Pigsticks remembers his “great-great-grandpig” was a pirate and no one had ever found his treasure. So, off go Pigsticks and Harold on an adventure to find the treasure. That Pigstick’s “great-great-grandpig Pirate Pigbeard the Awesome” was killed by a stampede of seahorses sets the tone for this comic caper.

Alex Milway has genuine fun with his porcine jokes both in the text and in the illustrations. This would be a great short read aloud book for year 2 up. It could also be used as a starting point for children to write and illustrate their own stories using Milway’s characters.

Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure by Alex Milway

Walker Books     ISBN: 978-1406346053

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