When his brother, Tiger, goes off on an adventure around the world, Sam is too young to go with him. To make sure Sam doesn't miss out on the fun, Tiger sends him updates from each place he visits- snail-mail style! Tiger's last message has a special birthday surprise.

This is such a lovely book! Each postcard from Tiger comes in its own envelope, full of details about the country he is visiting. Everything from the stamp to the background page adds to your knowledge of the place. Whilst Tiger is away, Sam is busy doing snail-like activities with his friends, some of which are inspired by his brother's letters!

The end papers are a map of the world, showing the places Tiger visited and the friends he made whilst there. Children could write postcards from places they have actually visited- or those they would like to- adding in details like in the originals. They could add how to say 'hello' in the relevant language too. It could also be used as a starting point for children to find out about Sami and his seaside friends. 

The illustrations are bright and colourful and the envelopes are well made and sturdy, making this a very appealing book. 

Snail Mail with Pull-Out Postcards by Sharon King-Chai

Hodder Children's     ISBN: 978-1444922547



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