LONGLIST REVIEW: Survivors of the Holocaust

This is a poignant graphic biography which tells the stories of six young Jews and their escape from the evil of the Nazis during the Second World War.

Each comic strip recalls the first-hand experiences of those who witnessed and survived the horrors of war. At the end of the book, a current photograph of each contributor is shown alongside their cartoon representation with an up-date about their lives. A glossary and time line are also provided to support the reader and develop their understanding of this period.

Predominantly illustrated in sombre tones, the pictures perfectly convey the sense of bleakness and despair facing each narrator. The empty eyes of the characters echo the hopelessness of the situation they have found themselves in. Truly horrific events are presented to the reader; there is no attempt to soften the shocking happenings which took place at this time, but this is an essential and accessible addition to any school library.

The stories offer an insight into different experiences of being a Jew in the Second World War. The terror of Kristallnacht; the misery of being sent away from your family; surviving the blitz in Coventry; the horrors of Auschwitz- each terrifying reality is clearly shared by its survivor so that it cannot be forgotten.

Survivors of the Holocaust   written and illustrated by Zane Whittingham and Ryan Jones

Franklin Watts          ISBN: 978-1445150444