Art and poetry meet in the glorious celebration of language that is ‘Where Zebras Go’.

This diverse collection contains poems that cover a HUGE range of themes, from dinosaurs to global warming, from the African savannah to a journey along the motorway- there is undoubtedly something in this anthology for almost every area of the curriculum!

The shaped poems are fun and definitely help in combating the ‘poems are boring’ attitude that some carry with them into a poetry lesson. My favourites were ‘Miss Moon’ with its endless possibilities for use in science and geography themed work and ‘The Frog Prince’ which I plan to use to encourage other Fairy Tale formations i.e. a pumpkin that turns into a coach, a glass slipper, a poisoned apple – the list is endless! What is more wonderful than literacy work that forms its own display?

Both funny and thoughtful Sue Hardy-Dawson’s ‘Where Zebras Go’ deserves its place on the North Somerset Teacher’s Book Award long list as a fantastic go-to poetry resource. I guarantee every teacher and student will find a verse within its pages to share, perform or marvel at.