This poetry picture book is a delight both to look at and to read! Colourful, fun illustrations complement the poems brilliantly.

Covering an excellent range of topics, these poems are perfect for performance and participation. With repetitive refrains and word play, children (and adults!) will quickly pick them up, learning them by heart with no effort as they just want to join in! The patterned language and bouncy rhythms used are engaging and will develop enjoyment of poetry from an early age.

'Hey, Let's Go' takes the reader on a stroll through favourite fairy tales and nursery rhymes which could lead to exploring the stories mentioned from the clues given in the poem.

'BEwARe!' uses kennings to describe a bear, offering a great rhythm as it builds to its conclusion. Children could be encouraged to create their own descriptions of animals in this way. 

My favourite is 'Take a Poem' which encourages the reader to take poems with them wherever they go and to share them. It would be great fun to write favourite poems- or a line from one- onto paper boats and set them to sail off- somewhere where they wouldn't create a litter problem, of course!

Any of the poems in this collection could be used in a variety of ways, introducing children of all ages to poetic structures and techniques with ease. Full of fun!

Zim Zam Zoom  by James Carter, illustrated by Nicola Colton

Otter-Barry Books     ISBN: 978- 1910959541