A howlingly good fairy tale...

Little Red lives with his parents at an inn which is famous for its sweet ginger beer. One day, he sets off for Grandma's house, wearing his special red coat, taking her a basket of goodies. Forgetting all his parents' warnings, he strays from the path- and the wolf steals his little red coat and makes his way to Grandma's house. Having gobbled up the old lady, the wolf made himself ready for the next course- Little Red! Perhaps Little Red's brilliant plan will save the day!

A brilliant twist on the tale of 'Little Red Riding Hood', this is a book that offers plenty to discuss and plenty to laugh about! A great read for younger children, this could also be used very successfully with older ones too. 

However, in my opinion, it is the illustrations that add real magic to this tale! Full of details and clues, they beg to be lingered over and explored. The 18th century has been used as inspiration - a time of highwaymen, beauty spots and big wigs. When Little Red listens, enthralled, to tales about dashing highwaymen in his parents cosy pub, who can we see peering out from behind a newspaper in the corner? And are those knot holes or faces on the wall behind him? Grandma's house is host to some famous works of art, including a vase with Adam and Eve and the apple; the trees in the forest are full of strange faces - there is so much to look at and discuss!

Part of a series of re-tellings by this talented pair, 'Little Red' is great fun and sure to engage even the most reluctant reader. 

Little Red  retold by Lynn Roberts-Maloney, illustrated by David Roberts

Pavilion     ISBN: 978-1843653288

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