The day after a Midsummer's Night...

This beautifully illustrated book tells the part of Shakespeare's play which focuses on the fairies and the feud between their King- Oberon- and Queen- Titania.

The story began one night long, long ago in a moonlit wood near the city of Athens...

Lines from the playscript are woven into the re-telling, making this an excellent introduction to Shakespeare's well-loved work. Originally published in 1945, each page is lavishly illustrated. Ethereal figures flit across the pages, adding to the magic of the language.

At the beginning of the book, there is an introduction about Phyllis Bray, the illustrator. An artist who always relished a challenge, she tackled many projects during her lifetime and this edition of 'Titania and Oberon' uses her original artwork, but changes the cover from red (which Phyllis Bray was not happy with) to one of her favourites.

Many of the illustrations could be used as inspiration of art work based around 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (or another subject) and could also be used as a stimulus for writing, but I am looking forward to adding this to my class book corner and watching as my children discover it. Their reactions will say it all!

The Story of Titania and Oberon   told by Jo Manton, illustrated by Phyllis Bray

Pavilion Books     ISBN: 978-1843653295