LONGLIST REVIEW: Children Just Like Me

The original 'Children Just Like Me' was published in 1995. The world has changed a lot since then and so Dorling Kindersley have created a new edition reflecting this. 

This bright, colourful book introduces us to 44 children from 36 countries around the world. Across the end papers is a map of the world, showing where each child comes from and the title page has a space inviting you to add your own photo and name to the book.

Each continent, and its children, is introduced before each is focused on in turn. 'Family' is shown to be varied and diverse as in real life and the children are from a range of cultural backgrounds. But the joy of this book is that it celebrates the similarities as well as the differences between them. The reader finds out about their hobbies, favourite foods, home life as well as how to say 'hello' in the language that they speak. It offer a wonderful insight into the lives of others in a respectful, informative manner.

A wonderful resource for school and home, this book could also be used as inspiration for children to create their own version to celebrate the similarities and differences within a class or indeed a whole school. 

Children Just Like Me  Catherine Saunders, Sam Priddy and Katy Lennon

DK   ISBN: 978-0241207352