LONGLIST REVIEW: Look I'm a Scientist

'Little minds have big ideas!' This is a book that encourages children to explore scientific ideas with their brains and their senses. By asking 'curious questions' while they play, children can explore a whole range of scientific concepts. 

Throughout the book, the emphasis is on fun, Each activity is explained step-by-step in clear instructions using photos to illustrate each stage. There are 'Sense-ible Science' questions encouraging children to talk about what they can feel/hear/see/smell as they play and experiment- a brilliant way of developing their scientific understanding! The book also introduces scientific vocabulary with clear explanations. 

Based on using things which are readily available, 'Look! I'm a Scientist' is a very user-friendly book, packed full of interesting, creative activities. Bright and colourful, it is also very attractive and appealing.

Look! I'm a Scientist  

DK   ISBN: 978-0241231074