Spike is an average 11 year old with average concerns and interests. However, his interest in presenting on radio is, perhaps, not quite so usual! Finding himself  sacked from his local radio job, he hopes he will become a DJ on his school's new radio show, but the head has different plans. So Spike sets up his own radio show from a studio in his garden shed! Disguising his voice and going under the pseudonym 'Radio Boy', Spike and his friends shoot to stardom. Soon, Spike starts to believe his own hype and goes too far, mocking his headteacher and the hunt to discover the secret identity of Radio Boy is on! 

Full of likeable characters and warm friendships 'Radio Boy' is a funny story about following your dreams, but also realising when you have gone too far and need to make amends. Rob Biddulph's illustrations throughout the book are great fun, adding brilliantly to the text. 

Easy to read and enjoy, with a pacey plot, 'Radio Boy' makes a great read aloud. 

Radio Boy by Christian O'Connell, illustrated by Rob Biddulph

 Harper Collins    ISBN: 978-0008183325