In the foreword to Hello Atlas, it tells us that there are more than 7000 languages spoken around the world. This wonderful book helps us to discover and enjoy some of them!

A world map at the beginning shows the continents and identifies the pages which look at the languages found there.  Each section then starts with a map of that continent dotted with little figures depicting the different languages spoken there. On the pages which follow, the reader meets individuals in more detail. We learn their names and how to say a few phrases in the language- in addition, there is a 'further phrases' section at the back of the book for those who want more! Similarities are constantly emphasised and the amazing diversity of our world is celebrated on every page. The reader also learns how languages are connected to one another- Hungarian counts Finnish as one of its closest relatives whereas German is one of English's- and about the etymology of their names- the 'pole' in Poland means 'field' and 'Embera' means 'human being in the language of the Embera people.

There is an app to download for free which helps with pronunciation. The book is an excellent introduction to just how big and varied the world is- and yet, how similar we all are at heart. Children could discuss why certain languages are spoken in so many parts of the world and explore those which are spoken by so few. They could investigate languages which are not included and display or share their findings through presentations. 

The illustrations are wonderful- some children are shown in national costumes and many of the little scenes show a flavour of the country or region they depict. The whole book is beautifully presented and perfect for browsing at leisure!

A must-have to offer children a little window to the wider world.

 Hello Atlas  by Ben Handicott, illustrated by Kenard Pak
Wide Eyed     ISBN: 9781847808493



Hello Atlas by Ben Handicott, illustrated by Kenard Pak

Wide Eyed Editions   ISBN:  978-1847808639