LONGLIST REVIEW: The Huntress Trilogy- Sea


Mouse knows her destiny; 'the great green fire spirits dance and ripple' telling her Tribe the future and Mouse is destined to be a captain just as her brother, Sparrow, is a whale-singer.

Since the death of their Ma, she and Sparrow have grown up aboard The Huntress, their grandmother's ship, as their father is a trader, spending much time away from the family. Then Da goes missing and Grandma brings a new navigator on board. Things rapidly change and Mouse embarks on a quest to save her family and her ship.

From the first line, Sea is an amazing adventure story, set in a beautifully crafted world of fantastical creatures, people with magical talents and well drawn characters with their own customs and belief systems.

Mouse is full-on and feisty, always in the thick of the action, ready to take on the world to protect her family and her home. Strong and capable, she can run roughshod over others, making her not entirely likeable initially, although she develops over the course of the story. Her bother, Sparrow, is her opposite- 'little too-soon' is vulnerable, prone to shaking-fits, yet he sings with power and beauty, his high voice rising 'like a bell, to chime along with the whales.'

Written in beautiful, lyrical prose, the speech of the characters clashes against this like waves against the side of the ship. The use of kennings as part of this adds to this mix, creating a 'heart-bright', 'sizzle-bolt' of a story.

Perfect for children at the 'Moving On' stage, 'Sea' is a fantastic read with much to recommend it. Can't wait for the next part!

The Huntress Sea   Sarah Driver

Egmont     ISBN: 978-1405284677