LONGLIST REVIEW: The Super-Intelligent High-Tech Robot Book

Looking at the history of computing and robots from their beginning to the present day, 'The Super-Intelligent High-Tech Robot Book' offers something a little different

Starting by considering what a robot is (apart from 'awesome!'). We find out where the word 'robot' came from and all about automatons and the mechanisms they used to work. Fascinating stuff!

The book takes us through the development of robots and programming, looking at the men and women who contributed to their development. Along the way there are some experiments to try- making a rolling tin, making a card automaton and experimenting with air pressure. There are questions and quizzes and the book is written in a very appealing, chatty style.

The book is full of black and white photographs and drawings to illustrate the ideas and inventions explored. 

The Super-Intelligent High-Tech Robot Book  Jon Milton

Macmillan Children's Books ISBN:  978-1509842353