Tiny Tantrum

When Tiny Tantrum is getting her own way, she is sweet and happy. However, when she has to do things she doesn't want to, Tiny Tantrum screws her eyes up tight, and screams, "That's not fair!"

Can anyone persuade her to eat broccoli or to put on her coat? Perhaps some monsters can...

Told in bouncing, humorous rhyming text, 'Tiny Tantrum' is a wonderful story which tackles those terrible toddler tantrums which occasionally (!) occur. Each time Tiny Tantrum screws up her eyes and stamps her feet ready to scream, various monsters appear to help her see the folly of her ways. They encourage her to try things and share things, showing her how much better things can be without a tantrum! 

As Tiny shares her secret in a little song about not wasting your time on tantrums, it allows for conversations about behaviour and how to manage tantrums with your own children. Doing the little dance might help- it certainly made my class laugh!

The illustrations are bright and bold with plenty to notice and enjoy. My favourite is the one of the monsters cuddled up in bed with Tiny at the end of the story! 

'Tiny Tantrum' is a perfect story for sharing in school as well as at home. There are plenty of sections which are brilliant for joining in with, plenty of chances to 'do the voices' and lots to discuss. Children could create their own monsters who could offer Tiny advice on other things that she doesn't want to do, exploring other situations which might cause an explosion! 

Tiny Tantrum by Caroline Crowe, illustrated by Ella Okstad

Little Tiger   ISBN: 978-1848696778