The Only Lonely Panda

Deep in the dewy forest,

where flamingos danced

and butterflies fluttered,

Panda sat alone.

Wishing for a friend, Panda spots another panda, but he isn't sure how to approach her. He tries dancing like the flamingos, bouncing like the sifakas and stomping and strutting like the blue-footed boobies- but nothing works. While sitting eating alone, the other panda appears and Panda finds the perfect way of making friends is simply to share.

Set on a silvery background, the pandas and other creatures are beautifully portrayed with all Jonny Lambert's usual skill and style. The picture of Panda, dejected and defeated in the pouring rain is my favourite! The colours of the creatures stand out from the background beautifully and the gentle humour of each situation Panda finds himself in offers plenty to enjoy and discuss. 

Although the text is limited, the words are carefully chosen to add to the story. Using alliteration and onomatopoeia and carefully selected vocabulary, it still has plenty to offer. Introducing different animals is a lovely idea and could encourage children to find out about sifakas and blue-footed boobies. 

 'The Only Lonely Panda' is a wonderful story with beautiful illustrations. Sharing and being yourself are the best ways of making friends- perfect!

The Only Lonely Panda  by Jonny Lambert

Little Tiger    ISBN: 978-1848696730