Lois looks for Bob...

Bob, a little yellow bird, is friends with Lois, a black and white kitten. As Lois hunts for Bob, she finds all manner of other creatures before she locates her little friend. 

The bold colours and strong outlines are perfect for young eyes to focus on. The flaps are sturdy and large, making it easy for little ones to interact with independently as can be seen in the pictures. 

There is plenty to explore and plenty to talk about as you help Lois find her friend. The stories are full of gentle humour and introduce lots of creatures. If they are being read aloud, they also offer plenty of opportunities for 'doing the voices!'

These are lovely board books which will become firm favourites with little readers. What better way to create book lovers? 

Lois Looks for Bob at the Park  Gerry Turley

Nosy Crow

Lois Looks for Bob at Home   Gerry Turley

Nosy Crow