Brilliant Bookshops: The Book House, Thame

Thame is a market town in Oxfordshire, about 9 miles from Oxford itself. As you wander along the main street, you will notice a rather lovely, chubby puffin, welcoming you into The Book House. 

For the past 35 years, this brilliant bookshop has been at the heart of the community, specialising in children's books and as soon as you enter, you feel welcomed into somewhere very special. 

Half of the shop is dedicated to children's literature! With a whole section given to board books, shelves of picture books, books for the younger and older reader, the place was my idea of paradise. I nearly fell over a huge Gruffalo as there was so much to see and I wasn't looking where I was going!

There were so many beautiful books on offer and I was particularly impressed to see a display of summer children's reads.

If you bought three, you got £5 off- it would have been rude not to! A great selection (including some of our long list titles!) was on offer with something for everyone.

Having chosen some lovely new books, I left reluctantly. However, not being a million miles from my parents, this is one brilliant bookshop I know I will be visiting again soon!

You can find out more about the on their website.