YALC 2017!

Today was the first day of YALC 17 and it was fantastic! Full of excellent authors, interesting talks, lovely publishers and incredible books, the day was a non-stop pleasure cruise through the world of YA and teen fiction!

One thing that I learned was that the sensible people had taken suitcases/ bags on wheels so they could carry all their books for signing without suffering personal injury! I had to whittle my choices down hugely before I left as I couldn't lift my bag, but even with only the seven I had chosen (and it was so hard to choose!), my shoulders were still sore- perhaps because I was constantly adding to their number! There were so many brilliant books to choose from! 

The programme was packed with excellent author talks, but a few highlights for me today were meeting Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen (review of Lobsters here) again as they signed their new book, 'Freshers' which I am looking forward to reading very much, meeting up the the Little Tiger crew, who let me have a copy of Alex Bell's new book (you can read our review of 'Frozen Charlotte here) and meeting Emily Barr whose book 'The One Memory of Flora Banks' I enjoyed so much. (review here)

Alexis Deacon drew me a picture of Beegu and I had a lovely chat with fellow teacher, Olivia Levez, whose books we will be reviewing soon.

It was also lovely to meet up with fellow FCBG members, Jane and Margaret, who were also enjoying a day at YALC! Everyone was in party mood and enjoying themselves!

I nearly finished reading 'One of Us is Lying' by Karen M McManus on the way home- excellent read. The perfect end to a perfect day! Let's see what tomorrow brings!