Discover Children's Story Centre

Discover Children's Story Centre is a wonderful place for inspiring stories and creativity. Children (and their parents) are encouraged to create their own stories for Hootah, the resident baby space alien, to send back to his planet Squiggly Diggly, which has run out of imagination.

On the first floor, you can enter Hootah's Hovering Observatron and take over the control panel. You can board the Lollipopter- 'part plane, part bus, part helicopter' - and fly through the clouds and sparkling lights which cover the ceiling.

On the Ground Floor, you can make your way through the giant trees of the Story World, stop at the castle, visit Hootah's Story Sorting Office or head for the beach with its little boat. Hootah birds fly in the sky and nest in the trees... Everywhere there are things to see and things to do!

Downstairs, there is a wonderful exhibition celebrating the work of Dr Seuss where storytelling, play and imagining go hand in hand. 

And then there's the Story Garden- an amazing green space with places to hide in and explore, trails to follow and giant musical instruments to make music with! You can slide down the tongue of a giant monster, clamber aboard a spaceship or sail away on a pirate ship. So much to do and so much to enjoy!

The Discover Children's Story Centre is a fantastic place for children to explore! You can find out more on their website.