On the south-west coast of Finland is a small town called Naantali. It is a pretty place, with many little islands just off the coastline. On one of these islands-Kailo- is Moominworld!


To get to the island, you have to walk across a little bridge and then follow the path through the trees until the gate to Muumimaailma. 


Although it was a beautiful day, the park was not too crowded. There are no rides in this park- it is all about the characters and the world Tove Jansson created for them.


Just past the entrance is the Promenade where there are fairground games and snack shops, wafting fabulous aromas of chocolate and doughnuts around the park. On the corner is the Moomin Post Office and Bookshop, selling a lovely selection of Moomin books. 


Passing the Police Station (complete with jail!), you look down the hill and see the blue tower house- The Moominhouse. You can explore every room and make your way up to the very top.


At last they came to a small valley that was more beautiful than any they had seen that day. And there, in the midst of the meadow, stood a house that almost looked like a tall stove, very elegant and painted blue. 

The Moomins and the Great Flood


Next to the blue house is Moomintroll's house. 


Then there's Hemulen's House, full of his butterfly collection.


On the shoreline is the Moomin's  bathing hut with Edward the Booble floating nearby.


Snufkin's Camp, Sniff's Summer Cottage, The giant Pumpkin,  the Fire Station, the Groke's House- all of these places are there to visit! The emphasis is on play, exploration and imagination. Nature trails and story corners encourage children to observe, listen and discuss as well as enjoying the stories of Tove Jansson.


There are stage shows and musical sessions to enjoy as well- and all the characters from the books wander around the park, happily posing for photos and offering cuddles!


Moominworld is a truly magical place, well worth a visit. Having enjoyed the Moomin stories as a child, it is a treat to re-read and re-discover them as an adult. You can find out more about Moominworld on their website.