Here Be Dragons!

Here be dragons... and lots of them!

Just by Pulteney Bridge in the beautiful city of Bath is the lovely Victoria Art Gallery.  This summer, they are hosting an exhibition called 'Here Be Dragons' which is full of the most wonderful illustrations of dragons from some incredible illustrators. 

This is an amazing selection of artwork relating to dragons of all shapes and sizes. The gallery has taken great care in laying out the exhibition; it is light and spacious with plenty of room to explore with little ones- or to sit quietly and admire if you are older!

When I visited, the exhibition was busy with families hunting for eggs, enjoying the pictures, wearing dragon tails, playing with puppets, colouring... there was so much going on! However, it was not just those with young children who were admiring the artwork. There were all sorts of people there looking at the pictures- and this is an exhibition that is well worth a visit.

This Dragon's Den is full of just about every type of dragon you can imagine from some of the best-loved dragon books created.

From Michael Foreman's images of Beowulf fighting the dragon to Martin Brown's dragon from 'The Dragon Dentist'...

...from Jackie Morris's fabulous 'Tell Me A Dragon' to Steven Lenton's adorable dragon with Princess Daisy... each picture makes you stop and wonder at the wide ranging imagination, creativity and talent of the illustrators involved.

There are sketchbooks from Robert Starling and Chris Mould to admire and 3D models as well.

A breath-taking and awe-inspiring exhibition not to be missed whether you have children or not!