Places to Visit: Lytes Cary Manor

This delightful manor was built by the Lytes family who owned it from the 13th to the 18th century. They lived here for over six generations and gradually expanded the house. 

When the family encountered financial difficulties, they had to sell Lytes Cary in 1755. The house was then tenanted by a series of farmers until Sir Walter Jenner bought the estate in 1907.

When his family arrived at the house, the Great Hall was being used as a cider press, the Great Parlour was housing agricultural materials and the Little Parlour was a carpenter’s workshop.  

Sir Walter restored the house to a 17th-century style and also added on a new west wing. He passed the house to the Trust in 1948.

The house has a lovely calm atmosphere and it was here that the Elizabethan Henry Lyte produced his Niewe Herball, a translation of another herbal book of the time. It offered herbal remedies using the plants and herbs available. A copy of this book is on display in the house.

The gardens here are an absolute joy. Full of colour and beauty, they are not those of Henry Lyte, but were influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, popular at the time of the Jenners. 

Perfect for a day out! You can find out more on the National Trust website.