Brilliant Bookshops: The Alligator's Mouth, Richmond, Surrey


Everybody knows I love a bookshop- and I certainly spend a lot of time in them. Today, I visited 'The Alligator's Mouth' in Richmond- and was catapulted into book heaven! What a lovely shop! 


Beautifully laid out, the shop is full of books, yet manages to present an uncluttered, calm feeling. Clean white shelving shows off the books perfectly. Dedicated entirely to children's books, there really is something for everyone on these shelves.


It was wonderful to be with people whose love- and knowledge- of books was like my own. Tony and Margaret were full of suggestions and recommendations - and enthusiasm! Their passion for books is amazing - and it is obvious that the shop is stocked with great care.  I came away with a pile of joy - and had to leave behind many other treasures which I will have to go back for. 


I sat on the little sofa at the front of the shop and immersed myself in a huge pile of suggested reading. Whilst I sat there, I could hear people stopping outside, talking about the list of future events, commenting on how lovely the shop looked- and then coming in. Tony and Margaret greeted many people by name and took great pleasure in helping everyone find that perfect book- or two! 


A truly magical bookshop run by truly lovely people, 'The Alligator's Mouth' is a gem that is much needed. I would only ask that they open a branch in Weston-super Mare as soon as possible! 


You can find out more on their website.