Making Your Mark- Celebrating International Dot Day!


Today, we had a wonderful time enjoying International Dot Day. The idea of this day is to celebrate the book, 'The Dot' by Peter H Reynolds, a story about a caring teacher who gets the best out of a reluctant art student. 


Having started the day with a dot-to dot, we watched Peter H Reynolds read the book and explain where the idea had come from. My class loved this, really enjoying seeing the author/ illustrator share his work. Next, we listened to the Dot Song, watching both Emily Arrow doing the actions and the version showing pictures from the book. It's a complete ear worm- we couldn't help but join in and had to play it many times during the course of the day!


Having watched a short film clip of  Peter H Reynolds creating pictures from dots, we were ready and raring to go! We created cartoon characters using dots, experimented with watercolours, used paper circles, used pencil crayons to shade... 


And then, everyone (adults included!) chose a frame like Vashti's, created their work of art and signed it! We ended up with a fantastic range of pictures- and children who were glowing with pride and enthusiasm for creating their works of art. 


No matter how good they felt they were at art, the day ended with everyone feeling like an artist. What a wonderful, inspiring book- and what an amazing day!

The Dot by Peter H Reynolds

Walker Books   ISBN: 978-1844281695

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