Picture Book Club South West


Last night, we met once again for Picture Book Club SW. Every time, the group gets bigger which is fantastic and a real tribute to the hard work Emma, Melanie and Greet put into organising it.


Our author/ illustrator this time was Lucy Volpin. She explained how she came to write and illustrate picture books which was not what she set out to do! 'We Love Dinosaurs' came from her passion for dinosaurs and her desire to see them portrayed accurately in a children's book. This would have been a huge hit with my son when he was little with its colourful, friendly (and accurate!) dinosaurs.  


'Crocodali', the character in her new book, is the greatest artist in the whole world- but he needs the reader's help to create his masterpiece. Lucy shared some of her wonderful artwork and the techniques she uses. Her portfolio was full of amazing sketches and pictures- I wish I could draw!


We could have listened to her for hours- but the lovely people at Foyles wanted to go home, so all too soon it was time for the raffle. Guess who won!!!


If you love picture books and want to talk to others who do to, then make sure you join us for the next session! Watch out for dates on Twitter!