Books from The British Museum


'Mixed-Up Masterpieces- Funny Faces' is a wonderful book which allows children to explore some of the wonders of The British Museum. Masks, busts, mummies, carvings... lots of different faces from different times and cultures can be mixed up to make the bizarre and the humorous.


However, before long, interest in and discussion about the 'real' face emerges. Notes at the back tell the reader what the object is and when and where it was created. A QR code offers the opportunity to discover more about each one and there is always the possibility of visiting The British Museum itself and tracking down each one, giving a real focus to a visit. 


'Opposites' uses objects from the collection to illustrate concepts like 'inside' and 'outside', 'cold' and 'hot'. Using paintings and objects, this robust little book will be enjoyed again and again . Discussions could be hadabout why each image was chosen as well as what they might have been created for.


Another book in the series is 'Colours'. This also uses a wonderful range of objects to illustrate all shades of a colour. A dot of the colour to match is by the name on each page so there is no confusion about the colour being identified in the images. Again, each object is identified at the end of the book so discussion is encouraged beyond just naming the colour.


A brilliant way of introducing children to the wonders of the British Museum from the earliest age, these books could equally be used with older children. Their quality ensures they will stand up to repeated enjoying!

The British Museum: Mixed Up Masterpieces- Funny Faces

Nosy Crow   ISBN: 978-1788000796

The British Museum: Colours

Nosy Crow  ISBN: 978-0857639691

The British Museum: Opposites

Nosy Crow  ISBN: 978-1788000871