The Knight Who Took All Day


There once was a knight who thought he was brave and fearless and handsome.

So begins this cautionary tale about vanity and arrogance. The knight longs to impress the beautiful princess who sits in her tower, combing her long golden hair. But although he searches high and low, he cannot find a dragon to defeat so she will be impressed.

When a dragon does appear, the knight is delighted and has his poor squire running up and down the 101 steps to the armoury as he gets ready for battle. However, whilst he is fussing about his appearance, someone else is taming the dragon- and falling in love!


This is a deliciously funny story where the text and illustrations expose the foolishness of the self-absorbed knight who does not win the hand of the fair maiden as she is more than capable of sorting things out for herself! The story challenges the traditional 'knight in shining armour' themes and challenges the reader to look beyond appearances and stereotypical roles. 


There is so much work that could be done around this text in English- drama, writing, grammar work, punctuation, sentence structures! For example, the end papers show the knight getting dressed in his armour- with the squire's assistance which could be used for writing some fun instructions!

The illustrations are absolutely delightful. Soft and sketchy, they are full of humour and details and will inspire children to have a go at their own dragon/ knight/ castle pictures! Great book!

The Knight Who Took All Day  James Mayhew

Graffeg   ISBN: 978-1912050451