Author Visit: Jess Butterworth


Last week, Jess Butterworth visited several of our schools to tell us all about her first book, 'Running on the Roof of the World'. Children in each school were fascinated by what she had to say.


Set in Tibet, Jess's book explores a part of the world which is very different to that which children living in Weston know. She showed us photos from her travels and her time living in that region, explaining about the climate, landscape and the people who live there. The children asked many interested, and interesting, questions! 

Jess brought lots of lovely objects to illustrate her talk as well, showing her audience prater flags, yak toys,a singing bowl and a prayer wheel.


Jess read to a captivated audience, introducing the children to Tash and Sam and the regime they live under. Many children bought copies of the book and I (for one!) have had several very interesting conversations with children in my class as they are making their way through the book!

Huge thanks to Jess for coming to see us! We are all looking forward to your next book.

You can read a review of and about the launch of 'Running on the Roof of the World' here.

Running on the Roof of the World Jess Butterworth

Orion Children's Books ISBN:  978-1510102088