The Histronauts

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Get ready to meet Luna, Nani, Newton and their cat, Hero, as they travel back in time to ancient Rome and ancient Egypt in these great books. A brilliant mix of story, facts and activities, these are perfect for anyone wanting to discover more about these civilisations.

Cartoon strips telling the story are peppered with fact boxes and additional information -all presented in bite sized chunks which add to, not distract from, the story. 

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Interspersed throughout the story are activities relating to things that are happening. For example, as the children find out about the calendar and seasons in Ancient Egypt, there are instructions for how to make a sundial. The instructions for each making task are very clear, easy to follow and achievable at home or at school. There are also quizzes and games to play.

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Perfect for bringing history to life, these books would make an excellent starting point for class work on the Egyptians or Romans. A teacher could easily plan where to pause in the story to look at historical evidence, do further research, make the suggested projects or to develop children's writing in a variety of styles and genre based on the text. 

I hope there will be more adventures from the Histronauts soon- one set with the Maya would be very useful please!

The Histronauts: An Egyptian Adventure by Frances Durkin and Grace Cooke

b small publishing  ISBN: 978-1911509097

The Histronauts: A Roman Adventure by Frances Durkin and Grace Cooke

b small publishing  ISBN: 978-1911509103