King's Company



Set in Medieval England, 'King's Company' follows the fortunes of William D'Armory, fourteen-year-old youngest son of the small manor of Evescombe. His father has recently died, fighting for King Stephen against the Empress Matilda during the civil war to decide the succession and William is desperate to become a knight and fight like his father. 

A chance meeting with a stranger changes the course of his life and William finds himself caught up in the turmoil, leading him to uncover the truth about his father's death.

'King's Company' is a gripping historical read, offering a pleasing alternative to stories set in periods of history which are more familiar. Full of details about the period, it would fit perfectly with the KS3 History Programme of Study statement that children should be taught about 'the development of the Church, state and society of Medieval England 1066- 1509'.

The book is a great adventure, easy to follow and enjoyable, with characters which are well rounded and engaging. Full of action appropriate to the period, the story also highlights the moral dilemmas of the period- stay loyal to those whose actions are self-interested or seek a new direction? The true victims of civil war are also exposed- the people of a country who are trying to live their lives as best as they can whilst those in charge ignore their needs. Some things, sadly, never change.

Well worth a read for history lovers who enjoy well-researched historical fiction or for anyone who just enjoys a good adventure.

King's Company   Jessamy Taylor

Indie Books    ISBN: 978-1908041197