Look Out, It's a Dragon!


Oi! Knobbly knickers! You can't stay here!

Saffi isn't like other dragons. She has no interest in all the normal dragony pursuits. What she's looking for is a sunny, woodland home and lots of friends. However, making friends isn't easy when you breathe fire and everyone thinks you're going to eat them! 

How will Saffi ever convince the other animals that she can be trusted and would make the best kind of friend?


This is such a lovely story! The colourful illustrations stand out perfectly against the crisp white backgrounds, making it instantly appealing. Each character is full of personality from tiny Mouse to Saffi herself.


'Look Out, It's a Dragon!' shows how prejudice colours how we see each other. The woodland animals are scared of Saffi because she is a dragon- a fire-breathing, home squashing, lumbering beastie- and they are not prepared to share their home with her. Assuming all dragons are the same, they will not give her a chance. Despite their unkindness, Saffi still comes to the rescue, showing true friendship to those in need. 


It would be wonderful to see more stories about Saffi and her friends (particularly Mouse!) and how they tackle other situations- jealousy perhaps or feeling left out. 'Look Out, It's a Dragon' is perfect for using in class as there is so much potential for discussion and the wonderful illustrations could inspire lots of art work. An absolute treasure!

Look Out, It's a Dragon   by Jonny Lambert

Little Tiger    ISBN: 978-1848698215

Published 8th February 2018

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