Write Here, Write Now


Yesterday was great fun! I went to the Herts for Learning Writing Conference and had the best time! It was so lovely to be with so many people who are as enthusiastic about English as I am!


Speaking first, Theresa Clements talked about making a difference in writing through the feedback we give children. Her talk generated lots of discussion and she was both interesting and entertaining!


My first seminar was with the lovely Martin Impey, a great favourite in North Somerset as with Hilary Robinson, he won the 2016 Poetry Category with 'Flo of the Somme' and the 2017 Quality Fiction Category with 'A Song for Will'.  Telling us about his grandmother, Martin gave is an emotional glimpse into her life, including her stories about her brothers who went to fight in the First World War and became the inspiration behind 'Where the Poppies Now Grow'. 


Martin showed us how his work develops from first sketches, talked about how the details in his drawings enhance the text and then stunned us all by drawing amazing pictures like the one below. It was a wonderful session- I could have listened to him for hours!


After a very tasty lunch, I went to my second seminar where Bob Cox was talking about using quality texts in school. Being something that NSTBA are passionate about, I really enjoyed seeing the examples of children's work he shared with us and discussing some of his ideas. I bought one of his books which I am hoping to start this weekend!


The final speaker was Jonathan Emmett whose enthusiasm for both books and visual media was the basis for his talk. He gave the audience plenty of food for thought and some great ideas to use. Lots more reading to do after this session!


And before I knew it, it was time to get back in the car and brave the M25 on my way home. It was a really brilliant day- and I had the great pleasure of meeting Martin Galway! All in all, a completely successful day! Thanks to all the Herts for Learning team for all their hard work.