National Storytelling Week 2018

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Yesterday was Australia Day and today is the beginning of National Storytelling Week so I have combined the two event and have chosen 'Stories From the Billabong' by James Vance Marshall, illustrated by Francis Firebrace.  These stories hold the very essence of storytelling at their heart so make the perfect tales to tell at any time!


In this book are ten ancient legends of the Yorta-Yorta people, one of the Aboriginal tribes of Australia. Each has been carefully re-told by James Vance Marshall, the author of 'Walkabout'. Each has been lovingly illustrated by Francis Firebrace, himself of the Yorta-Yorta tribe, using mainly black , white, red and yellow, the colours traditionally used by Aboriginal artists.


At the end of each story, there is some additional information about something from the legend, adding to the reader's understanding of Australia, its wildlife and Aboriginal beliefs. 


These stories are perfect for sharing in school, rich in language, colour and tradition and could inspire re-tellings and innovations a-plenty as well as encouraging comparisons with familiar tales children already know. Francis Firebrace's fabulous illustrations would also encourage children to explore creating pictures using the style and techniques of Aboriginal artists.

Being from the oral tradition, they are the very thing for National Story telling Week! 

Stories from the Billabong by James Vance Marshall, illustrated by Francis Firebrace

Frances Lincoln Children's Books     ISBN: 978-1845077044

A book list of re-tellings of Aboriginal stories is available in the Member's section of the website.