Ed’s bad mood started as ‘something small…really small, hardly a thing at all.’ As it grows, he relentlessly sweeps the leaves in front of him, oblivious to the destruction and chaos he is causing. Fortunately, a change comes, clearing the air and allowing Ed to look up once more and enjoy the beauty of the world around him.

Understanding our emotions is so important. Sometimes feelings can overwhelm us and are difficult to control. ‘Sweep’ offers an excellent way of starting conversations about emotions.

The illustrations are delightful. Full of colour and detail, there is also plenty of humour. You can follow the adventures of the cat and dog that can be found in each picture. The characters’ expressions are great, offering plenty to discuss.

The pictures also celebrate lots of pleasurable things to do- things which Ed could engage with if his bad mood wasn’t clouding his judgement and limiting his choices. The joy of being lifted by looking up, noticing the beauty around him and banishing the bad mood is perfectly captured by the kite flying at the end.

Sweep Louise Greig, illustrated by Julia Sarda

Egmont ISBN: 978-1405283779