Saving Species


This little gem was spotted at the Bath Festival a few weeks ago and just demanded closer inspection. Fabulously illustrated, the book introduces the reader to ‘a selection of our most amazing endangered creatures and to highlight the incredible work that is being done to help them.’


Each animal is loving introduced to the reader and then explores how and why the animal is at risk. The threats, and the fact that man is responsible for most of them, is not played down, but the book also celebrates all the positive actions that are being taken. The range of creatures included is very well considered as much less familiar animals feature alongside those we all know about. The Lord Howe Island stick insect, the kakapo, the takahe and the axolotl all take their place with the polar bear, puffins and the great yellow bumblebee.


As well as being informative and fascinating, the book is also very beautiful. From its stunning cover in cool blues, greens and white, every spread is a work of art. Captured in bold colours in a contemporary style, each picture is both informative and gorgeous.


The book also includes a map of the world, showing where each creature comes from and a ‘call to action’ section that encourages the reader to find out more about the issues raised in the book. ‘Saving Species’ ends on a hopeful note, encouraging everyone to take responsibility and make changes.

Jess was accompanied by some fascinating creatures which the children absolutely loved…and the adults seemed to edge away from!


Beautiful and fascinating!

Saving Species Jess French, illustrated by James Gilleard

Wren and Rook ISBN: 978-1526360779